If you love the Lord and have a spirit of excellence in music then our Worship Ministry could be a great place for you. While we strive to worship God to the best of our ability we also make room for ministry from the heart of worship, where we are real and we provide a safe platform for you to discover your gifts, develop them and release them to the congregation through faithful service.


If you love creative media you may well suit our Media ministry, because we rely on creative use of media to communicate, teach, support our preaching, enhance our worship, record our services, develop our Homegroup material and more.

We need faithful people to keep on top of each week’s needs, but also creative teams to produce special materials through the year. Whether you are part of our Media ministry or not we trust that our wise use of technology blesses your experience of FGAM.

Support Ministries

If you love helping God’s Kingdom work smoothly there are several ways you can support our regular programs, such as greeting people as they arrive, helping with set up and pack down for services, assisting on our Info Desk, providing office support when needed, helping in our hospitality areas, and so on.

Ps. YC Goh can help you find a place to make yourself useful where your input will bless us all.